At Express Removals Worldwide Ltd we are committed to carrying out our services in the most environmentally friendly way as possible.Implementing a green policy throughout our practices.
Our policy is to reduce waste wherever possible and we are committed to recycling all the card packaging and paper packing used on jobs and in our offices. Our staff use recycled boxes and paper where appropriate and endeavour to save paper wherever possible.

By ordering large quantities of required materials and storing them at our depot we are able to reduce the amount of deliveries we receive and, therefore, help our suppliers reduce their impact on the environment.

Our offices reduce paper consumption by only printing necessary documentation.

Minimising toxic emissions from vehicles, as per the Low Emissions Zone requirements, and encouraged fuel efficient methods of driving. When planning routes we aim to maximise efficiency and minimise the impact on the environment. Wherever possible we plan part loads and take into account likely congestion when planning routes.

When purchasing new vehicles we consider fuel efficiency to be an important factor when considering the type of vehicle and supplier used Regular vehicle maintenance ensures that leaks and spillages are kept to an absolute minimum.

We also take precautions to ensure optimal road safety standards which minimises the risk of accidents and set a very high standard to our crews on the road and for safety maintenance of our vehicles.

Minimising the risk of waste due to damage of any goods in storage or in transit and where we are required to dispose of goods we try to reuse or recycle them whenever possible. We also encourage our customers to use green furniture recycling schemes to give any unwanted furniture a second life.

We have contributed towards 869,826 trees being planted in 2020-2021 and 1,111,334 trees in 2019-2020 through EcoMiles with our fuel provider.

The Company operates in compliance with UK Health & Safety Legislation and has a Health & Safety Policy which is available to all employees. It is fully aware of its environmental obligations and attempts to comply with all environmental guidelines issued by the UK government and by local authorities